We at Family Kebab House aim to bring all of our customers the very best value for money, services and food around Stoke-on-Trent. Give us feedback.

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Luke, 19 Jun 2021


Jess, 13 Jun 2021

David, 12 Jun 2021

Always receive an excellent service, fast delivery and quality food. and importantly they always deliver what we order.

Ian, 11 Jun 2021

very nice

Dennis, 10 Jun 2021

Kelly, 02 Jun 2021

I intend to take action that you have blocked me despite a number of years loyal business. It was your fault I complained, it took over 2 hours for the delivery and when I complained you were very abusive. Your customers' should be very careful doing business with you....

Dave, 30 May 2021


Gail, 22 May 2021

Thanks nice food from there

Jane, 16 May 2021

Absoulutly spot on 10/10

Chris, 14 May 2021

Never had a bad meal or poor service

Jackie, 12 May 2021

Yum yum

Colin, 08 May 2021

Never had anything but great food from Family Kebab. Best takeaway around.

Stephen, 08 May 2021

Ridiculous to put minimum spend at £10 for delivery considering how many people live alone these days. They should be thinking of CUTTING the minimum!

Michael, 04 May 2021

Always been good not had for a while so will comment after this order

Andrea Robinson , 03 May 2021

Kelly, 03 May 2021

Fantastic takeaway All staff are Fantastic too

Anthony, 25 Apr 2021

normally bang on an never mess up this time they have i ordered a 3 pc value box for my 3 children an its only got 2 chicken in it, very unhappy kids as ive had strip them down to share them out.. its bad enough we have pay surcharge an delivery charge when we live so close ive now paid extra money to you for a wrong order that would of bin cheaper if id of ordered what you actually sent

Shareen, 23 Apr 2021

They're a bit mean with the fresh tomatoe on the salad but otherwise good food quality and service

Shaun, 23 Apr 2021


Sarah, 27 Mar 2021

Best take away in Newcastle under Lyme They don’t use cheap meat!!!

Martyn, 20 Mar 2021

Best takeaway in Newcastle under Lyme They don’t use cheap meat !!

Martyn, 20 Mar 2021

Order arrived 30 minutes late and cold. Refused delivery but driver said he couldn’t do anything and to ring the shop but constantly engaged so how are we supposed to do that

M James, 20 Mar 2021

real nice good food

Sarah, 20 Mar 2021

Chips nice and crispy worth waiting that extra few minutes for

Mark, 17 Mar 2021

very nice

Karl, 14 Mar 2021