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Brilliant. Fast delivery. Warm food

Jo, 14 Jan 2021

Great tonight. Keep up the good work Ray

Ray, 13 Jan 2021

Lamb was absolutely amazing! I’ve eaten this kebab for lunch and dinner because there was so much food! Will definitely be ordering again

Laura, 02 Jan 2021

Very disappointed with tonight’s delivery. Naan breads were thick and doughy in some parts and thin and hard in others. I don’t understand why you don’t put the meat in to the naan bread every time people order as it keeps the naan warmer for a start! Christmas Eve takeaway was amazing, tonight’s was terrible. Cold and not nearly as nice as two days ago. We use this takeaway a lot, but very disappointed today

Lesley, 26 Dec 2020

Not Happy!! My daughter and her partner are visiting from leeds and I told her how good your kebabs are. The chicken was not crispy, the chips were not crispy, my fried onions were more raw than fried and overall we would give a 3 out of 10. The kebabs are usually very good but were very poor tonight, even more so as my daughter and partner had them for the first time. Ray

Ray, 24 Dec 2020


Laurie, 20 Dec 2020

Always on time, hot and very tasty

Claire, 12 Dec 2020

Excellent service and staff are brilliant

Vicky, 09 Dec 2020

very good

Karl, 04 Dec 2020


NoName, 28 Nov 2020


Sarah, 16 Nov 2020

very good

Karl, 06 Nov 2020

Very disappointing tonight ..... first time ever ! Donna Kebab meat was terrible ... not happy !

Diane, 26 Oct 2020

Excellent food and quality

Vicky, 17 Oct 2020

Order was delivered wrong again this is 2nd time of recent orders probably avoid in future if can’t read an order !

Jane, 16 Oct 2020

Love this place! Never have to wait 60 minutes for food!

Jessica, 12 Oct 2020


Susan, 11 Oct 2020

once again arrived quick hot and tasty

Dennis, 06 Oct 2020

fantastic meal thank you.

Nicola Mcnicol, 03 Oct 2020

Nice polite

Shereen, 30 Sep 2020

Great food,great value for money

Steve Moody, 27 Sep 2020

Ordered 2 cans and haven’t arrived with order

Harry, 26 Sep 2020

Always good food!!!

Rachel, 25 Sep 2020

Always good food, on time and very friendly

Claire, 25 Sep 2020

Young staff very rude and disrespectful towards me and my husband, took ages to make a portion of chips and when I got them they were very salty, staff have no respect at all and laughed in my face don’t recommend at all

Emma Louise , 21 Sep 2020

Excellent food and service

Vicky, 18 Sep 2020